Oil and Gas Services

Allied Victory Nig Ltd specializes in process control optimization via Instrumentation, Control and Electrical services.

This is achieved by offering end to end solutions to our clients.

Allied Victory Nig Ltd provides a complete end-to-end solution for project and asset lifecycles and positions itself as a market leader in the Africa starting from engineering and design through to manufacturing & assembly including the construction and installation and commissioning & startup services.

  • Electrical Switch Gear and MCC Package Supply
  • Instrumentation Package Supply
  • Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Construction Services
  • Control system Engineering & Design Services
  • Electrical System Engineering & Design Service
  • Instrumentation Engineering & Design Services
  • Electrical Startup & Commissioning Services
  • Crude Oil Custody Transfer Metering Unit.
  • Gas Custody Transfer Metering skid.
  • Produced Water Metering Skid.
  • Pressure Reduction Metering Station.
  • Fiscal Metering Skid.
  • Fuel Gas Metering skid etc.
  • Strumentation Startup & Commissioning Service

Our Clients